DJ Whoo Kid Launches New Site; Clothing Line

AllHipHop Staff

With the support of Hip-Hop tycoon Russell Simmons, DJ Whoo Kid debuted the next phase in his career on Tuesday (December 23) with the launch of

The new website will offer viewers 24-hour access to exclusive interviews, sketches and music videos, in a way that Whoo Kid says will change the face of the online urban landscape.

The network will utilize the G-Unit DJ’s extensive connections in the sports and entertainment world, to bring together unlikely group of interview subjects.

The launch broadcast will feature interviews with Cedric the Entertainer, Jamie Foxx, Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, and Robert Patterson, known for his role in the Harry Potter franchise, and star of the new movie Twilight.

According to Whoo Kid, will offer fans of Whoo Kid’s Sirius Satellite on-air antics a visual alternative.

“My radio show is really out of control. Imagine if you’re watching it now,” Whoo Kid told “I’m just there to make people laugh…It’s been a long time coming, ‘cause we’ve been filming for like years…the comedy is hilarious, definitely not what you see all the time. It’s all gonna be in Hi-Def.”

As an additional endorsement, will be connected to Russell Simmons’ popular Global Grind platform.

Whoo Kid will also be utilizing his extensive Shadyville DJs network to generate content for the show.

Eighty to a hundred DJs from across the globe will have the opportunity to submit their own interview footage, giving the fans additional access to the celebrities they want to see and widening the DJs’ reach.

“I’ve been doing radio for the last ten, fifteen years,” Whoo Kid shared. “I feel like I should provide other DJs who are big in their markets opportunities for people all over the world to hear and see what they’re doing also. I’m just trying to do something that everybody else is not doing. And I always been doing it, I always been creating new stuff. This is just another platform to promote what I do.”

Before launching this project, he is already on to his next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Whoo Kid has partnered with the New York Knicks’ Tim Thomas to create Nutso, a new clothing line, which they will begin promoting soon.