DMC Bringing Rock Hall Trophy To Queens For July 4th

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper DMC plans to celebrate Independence Day in his old neighborhood of Queens, New York, where he will celebrate being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

DMC will be displaying the actual trophy bestowed upon him by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which he earned in April, when he and fellow band mates from Run-DMC where inducted into the prestigious museum.

"I am celebrating my Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame induction back in Hollis Queens because I am from that community and a representation of the opportunity to achieve something great no matter where you come from,” DMC told “I always want to show the generations after me that I am not above them, better than them or greater than them, I am them. People in Hollis or anywhere else for that matter, are not my fans, they are my friends. We celebrate this achievement together, this isn't about me, its about our Hip-Hop culture and our ability to make it good for all in the hood.”

The event will take place at Hollis Famous Burgers, which also serves at the Hollis Hip-Hop Museum, at 203-01 Hollis Avenue, in Queens New York.

DMC has already donated a number of artifacts to the Hollis Hip-Hop Museum, which will open just two blocks from a street recently named after the group, “Run-DMC JMJ Way,” at 205th Street.

DMC’s Fourth of July celebration starts tomorrow (July 4) at 2:00 PM.