DMC Finalists Compete For U.S. Title

The DMC 2004 U.S.

finals will take place in August with 22 hopeful DJ’s across the country

battling for the U.S. title.

The all ages event

takes place on August 7 at the Henry Fonda theater in Los Angeles, California

and the winner will move on to the world finals in London in September

DMC’s president

and founder Tony Prince will be on hand to announce the winners and award the

U.S. champ the rights to represent at the world finals in England.

Prince and his

wife Christine launched the DMC (short for Disco Mix Club) in 1981, as a way

for DJs to produce mixes and for other jocks to play them. DMC is also the world's

first licensed DJ only record label.

Each of the 22

DJ’s are winners of regional competitions. The winners perform a 3-minute

routine during an afternoon elimination round.

The 2004 DMC /

Technics World Final take place Sunday September 5 at Carling Apollo Hammersmith

in London, England.

Each competitor

is listed below, along with their city of origin.

Enferno (2003 DMC

USA Defending Champion)

Mike Bree (Louisville, KY)

Cutfucious (Sayerville, NJ)

Lenn Swann (Cleveland, OH)

Biz-R (Binghamton, NY)

Quixotic (Los Angeles, CA)

swan, John swan (Chicago, IL)

Poetik C (Salt Lake City, UT)

Skwint (Lawrence, KS)

Vajra (Boulder, CO)

I-Dee (Washington DC)

SPS (Jacksonville, FL)

I.Emerge (New York, NY)

Lazy Boy (Boston, MA)

Astonish & Dini (tie) (Phoenix, AZ)

Shiftee (Wilmington, DE)

Rise (Seattle, WA)

Frantic (Dallas, TX)

ILL Trax (San Diego, CA)

DJ Lord (Cincinnati, OH)

Mr. B (San Francisco, CA)

Jami (Honolulu, HI)

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