DMC Launches Record Label


has launched his own music company, titled Darryl's Music

Company. The first release off the new label will be his own

debut album, "Checks, Thugs & Rock N Roll."

The record, which is slated for a summer release date is a

departure from the direction that Run-DMC normally takes.

"Run and

I are moving in different directions," he told Billboard.

"While he was recording this album, I was recording my

own stuff. Apparently, what I had to offer wasn't worthy of

a Run-D.M.C. album. I don't want to do what I was doing in

the '80s. I have evolved. I have a different outlook to the


DMC didn't contribute

much to the new Run-DMC album, "Crown Royal", which

is laced with collaborations from such acts as Fred Durts,

Everclear and Sugar Ray.