DMC USA American Chapter Celebrates 20 Years

The DMC USA American

chapter is set to kick off their 20th anniversary of the DMC World DJ Championship.

To celebrate the anniversary,

the American Battlegrounds 2005 has been all over the country seeking the most

talented new DJ’s.

The American Battlegrounds,

founded in 1986, was designed for American DJs to show and prove who's got skills

on the 1s & 2s.

"It’s our way

of thanking all those trend setting turntablist/DJ’s who have given so

much to make us the leading DJ organization in the world,” said George

Cabrea, GM of the DMC American Chapter.

Competition begins for US

Finals August 26, 2005 at Webster Hall in New York City and rounds out with

the battle for USA supremacy & team battle at DNA Lounge in San Francisco,

September 1, 2005.

A meet and greet is also

being hosted at 46 Grand Lounge, New York City August 25, 2005. This event gives

competitors, staff and supports to interact with turntablist.

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