DMX and Ja Rule End Beef


taking a cue from Jay-Z and Nas, rappers DMX and Ja Rule have ended their long-running


two men engaged in a years-long beef after DMX accused Ja Rule of stealing his

rap style, which he said emulated his coarse, husky voice. According

to WENN, the beef ended after DMX talked to Murder Inc's chief, Irv Gotti.Gotti

reportedly reached out to DMX while he was incarcerated and arranged a low-key

meeting that included Ja Rule. DMX

expressed his initial reluctance to cooperate. "Gotti

came to me in jail and said I want to make peace with you and him," the rapper

said. "I was like, 'Alright Gotti, let's do it. But I need five minutes in

a room with your man. I got to put my hands on him.'"Despite

his request to fight, the men ended the conflict peacefully. "Gotti

sat down and we squashed it. I said he [Ja Rule] got to stop sounding like me."

In 2002,

Ja Rule said that DMX was simply upset that his star status had risen considerably

since the 90's."He

can't f**k with me and its hurting him right now that I am bigger than him. I'm

bigger than him and he's mad," Ja Rule said at the time. "The reason

[for his jealous] is he is a b***h and that's what b****es do."The

Game, a rapper from Compton, Calif., admitted on New York's Power 105 that he

recently ended his own feud with Ja Rule and was open to collaboration possibilities.