DMX Cancels Trip To Kuwait, Iraq, U.S.O. 'Extremely Disappointed'

Rapper DMX has

canceled a planned week-long tour to entertain United States troops in Kuwait

and Iraq.According

to the United Service Organizations, the rapper, born Earl Simmons, was supposed

to depart for the Persian Gulf region on Aug. 22. DMX

delayed his departure until Aug. 23, but failed to appear on time for a flight

to Kuwait. "We

are extremely disappointed that DMX decided not to complete the tour he asked

us to arrange for him," said John Hanson, USO senior vice president for marketing

and communications. "When we announced this tour, troops were extremely excited

about the possibility of seeing a performer they admired. We understand their


USO said the military worked hard to accommodate the superstar rapper's travel

requests, due to his popularity among the troops."Typically,

it takes up to 45 days to arrange transportation, housing, production assistance

and country clearances for entertainment tours," Hanson said. "This

tour was put together in just under two weeks, because we know how much service

men and women appreciate his performances. Mr. Simmons let a lot of people down."The

USO is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to the morale, welfare and

extracurricular activities for U.S. military members at home and abroad. 50

Cent, Ludacris, Master P., Lil' Romeo are among the entertainers that have volunteered

their time for performances in recent years. "We

will continue to provide quality entertainment to the people who defend us daily

around the world in some remote and often dangerous places," said Hanson.

"Fortunately, most performers honor their obligation to perform once they

make the commitment."