DMX Car Case Adjourned

DMX's case was

adjourned today (Oct. 11), as the rapper faced charges of violating the conditions

of his release after he was involved in a car crash last year at Kennedy Airport

in New York.

Under terms of

a conditional discharge, DMX could be sent to prison if he receives any violations

within a year.

While the Yonkers-bred

rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, remained silent as the judge suspended

his case until Oct. 25, he was reportedly chewing gum and jumping around as

he spoke to reporters, calling the charges "ludicrous."

Once his case was

adjourned, DMX was also seen dancing down the steps of the Queens Criminal Court

building, according to the Associated Press.

"It's been

very stressful," he said. "Nobody likes to come to court."

DMX pleaded guilty

last December to reckless endangerment. He confessed to using Valium at the

time he smashed his SUV into a gate at Kennedy Airport on June 24, 2004, and

telling a parking lot attendant that he was a federal agent.

After the airport

incident, the rapper was arrested twice for traffic violations, including speeding

at 104 mph near his Westchester County home.

He was fined and

ordered to surrender his 1998 Ford Expedition.

DMX's lawyer, Murray

Richman, said the rapper was speeding to rush his nine-months-pregnant wife

to the hospital.

Richman and Queens

District Attorney Richard Brown are currently discussing a possible agreement,

according to Brown's spokeswoman, Nicole Navas.

After his court

appearance, DMX promoted his upcoming movie “Last Hours” and album

Here We Go Again, due out in December.