DMX Charged With Driving Infractions In White Plains, New York

Rapper DMX was

arrested and charged with various driving violations on Friday (JUne 2) after

police pulled the rapper over in White Plains, New York for speeding.

Police stopped

DMX for driving his 2001 Chevy Suburban at high speeds. He was also ticketed

for making an unsafe lane change.

According to police,

the 35-year-old rapper didn't have a drivers license and was not wearing a seat

belt when he was pulled over.

He was ticketed

and ordered to appear in court on June 16.

Last month, DMX

was arrested at London's Heathrow airport for allegedly verbally abusing the

cabin crew on a flight to England. In that incident the rapper, born Earl Simmons,

refused to button his seat belt as the plane was landing.

He was arrested

and issued a caution by officers in London.

DMX has an infamous

driving record and has been arrested numerous times over the years for driving


In 2004 he was

arrested at JFK Airport in New York after a road-rage incident involving a parking


He violated his

probation in that case when he was ticketed for driving 104 mph on Interstate

684 in upstate New York. Another incident occurred where he was cited for striking

a car, which in turn struck a police cruiser on the Major Deegan highway n the


In Nov. of 2005,

DMX was sentenced to serve 70 days on Rikers Island for the infractions but

was released from prison on Dec. 30 for good behavior.

In Jan. of 2006,

the platinum-selling rapper's wife also ran afoul of the law, when they clocked

her driving her 2000 Mercedes-Benz 106 mph in North Castle, N.Y. on Interstate

684 - the same road DMX was arrested doing 104 mph in Dec. 2004.