DMX Denied Entry Into Canada

DMX was forced to cancel two concerts in Canada,

after custom officials refused to let him off of his flight when he landed in

Calgary, Canada.

DMX was slated to perform two shows, one in Saskatoon

and one in Calgary. While DMX was not allowed off of his flight and was barred

from entering Canada, custom officials did approve six other people in his entourage

for entry into the country.

"All I can say is that individuals have

to meet the normal immigration requirements," Fred Furlong, manager of

the immigration office at the airport told Jam Showbiz. Furlong said that DMX

did not meet those requirements and refused to provide extra details.

Unconfirmed reports state that DMX was also briefly

detained in a holding cell, when he became irate at the lack of explanation

for his denied access to Canada. "Individuals that we don't allow entry

can and may be detained," Furlong said, but refused to comment if this

was the case for DMX.

Both concert venues and Ticketmaster are issuing