DMX Denies Responsibility For Indiana U Concert Fracas

Hip-Hop star DMX has lashed out at reports that have suggested he was to blame for a failed concert at Indiana University last night (April 9).

According to University police, students with the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity had an agreement with the University for DMX to perform during the Children Uniting Nations concert.

Students who paid $25 dollars a ticket, reportedly had difficulties getting DMX to the frat house by the concert’s starting time of 8:30 PM.

DMX arrived around 9:30 PM and performed three songs, even though the students had agreed to end the concert by 9:30 PM.

When IU Police arrived, shut the concert down and took the rapper off the stage.

“Regarding the events that took place at the Indiana University DMX Children Uniting Nations concert last night, DMX was not the instigator nor is he to blame for the concert ending early,” a representative for DMX told “The Bloomfield police cut his show short due to the agreement that Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity had with the University that the concert would stop at 9:30PM because of a noise ordinance law. DMX, management and the promoter were not aware of this law. ”

When Backup officers from the Indiana State Police were called in after 9:30 PM, the crowd allegedly became unruly and began shouting profanities at the police officers.

During the fracas, students allegedly attempted to rush the stage and began throwing objects at the officers, resulting in the entire front row of the crowd being maced.

No arrests have been reported as of press time.

The rapper hopes that he can return to the University and give the students a better show.

“DMX feels its unfortunate that he could not fully perform for this charity show and he hopes to return to Indiana University in the future for another show,” his representative said.