DMX Facing Jail Time For Violating Terms Of Plea Deal

According to authorities

in Queens, DMX broke the terms of a plea deal struck after a December 2004 arrest.

On Monday, the rapper was formally

charged and now faces up to a year in jail.

The rapper reportedly posted

$500 bail and must appear in court again on October. 11.

In December the rapper was

arrested for impersonating an FBI agent and driving his vehicle through a parking

lot gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens. The rapper confessed

to being high on Valium at the time.

A week after a conditional

discharge, the rapper was again arrested for driving 104 mph near Westchester,

New York home.

The rapper was again arrested

on April 15 when he was involved in another accident that included an unmarked

police car.

DMX, whose real

name is Earl Simmons, may face a year in jail should a judge decide the incidents

violated the terms of the December plea agreement. Queens' District Attorney

Richard Brown told Reuters that DMX's driver's license was either suspended

or revoked in each incident.