DMX Heading Upstate As Rehab Continues To Go Well

AllHipHop Staff

DMX continues to get healthy and he's being rewarded by his counselors.

(AllHipHop News) DMX's stint in a rehab facility continues to go well, as the rapper has announced another new show.

DMX is heading to Poughkeepsie, New York this February for a headlining show.

X is slated to take over the stage at The Chance on February 10th, as he continues to successfully undergo drug and alcohol counseling at a center in New Hampshire.

Last month, DMX was allowed to play at a another show in upstate New York, in Albany.

According to his lawyer Murray Richman, DMX must travel with his rehab counselor.

Richman also noted that DMX has been granted releases from the rehab facility on 10 different occasions and he has yet to fail a drug test.

Although his rehab treatment is going good, DMX is still facing five years in prison, after pleading guilty to deliberately concealing $1.7 million dollars from the IRS in November.

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@The Govt: give X a break let him pay when he can; heck we got a crook running the white house currently.