DMX In Court, Hit With Paternity Suit

DMX appeared in a

Queens, New York court yesterday, to answer charges relating to his arrest at

Kennedy Airport in June.

As the rapper entered

the courtroom, he bickered with officers, who told him he was not allowed to

take off his coat before being screened.

After being riled,

he turned his attentions to a lieutenant and implied that a bracelet he was

wearing cost more than the officer’s entire salary.

The charges

stem from an altercation in the airport parking lot in June, in which DMX allegedly

put flashing lights on his SUV, chased a man through the lot, crashed through

a toll both and attempted to assault the man, over a parking space.

When police searched

the SUV, they found a billy club, a small amount of crack and Depakote, a drug

prescribed for people who are bi-polar.

In addition to

those charges, a woman from Maryland showed up at the court date to hit the

rapper with a paternity suit.

According to Monique

Wayne, 24, DMX has acknowledge that he is the father of her five-month-old son

even helped name the infant, but he has not provided her with any child support.

The child was conceived

during a one night stand after Wayne met the rapper in a nightclub in Washington,

D.C. in late 2003.

The criminal case

has been rescheduled for October 13.