DMX Labeled A "One Man Crime Spree" Who Should Be Thrown In Prison

AllHipHop Staff

The IRS is trying to come down on hard on DMX over failing to pay back taxes.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper DMX ruined a plea agreement when he failed several drug tests, and now the indiscretions will cost him his freedom.

Prosecutors want X, born Earl Simmons, to serve the maximum sentence of five years in prison in his tax evasion case.

The IRS is prosecuting the rap star for purposely hiding $1.7 million dollars in wages, from the years 2011-2013.

In August of 2017, DMX was placed under house arrest and shipped to rehab, after reportedly failing four drug tests and going to St Louis, Missouri without informing officials.

In October of 2017, a judge finally granted DMX a leave from the rehabilitation program to perform accompanied by a 24-hour sobriety coach.

By January of 2018, the rapper was ordered to be held without bail, after testing positive for opioids, cocaine, and oxycodone.

“In short, the defendant has been on a one-man crime spree for the past 30 years,” prosecutors said in his latest hearing.

The rapper, born Earl Simmons, will learn his fate when he is sentenced on March 28th.