DMX Loses $1.5 Mil Over Rape Comments

A Baltimore woman won a $1.5 million dollar default judgment against rap star DMX, who failed to show up in court and defend himself against a defamation of character lawsuit yesterday (January 11).

Monique Wayne sued DMX, born Earl Simmons, who told Sister2Sister magazine that he was raped by Wayne as he slept during a 2003 stay in a hotel room in Baltimore.

"She raped me," DMX claimed. "DNA says it is (my child). I don’t know. If I did (have sex with her) I would remember. It ain’t like she’s a pretty girl."

In October of 2006, Wayne, 28, defended herself from the allegations by filing a lawsuit in Prince George’s County Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, seeking $6 million in damages.

Wayne’s mother, sister and a psychologist testified on her behalf yesterday, claiming that DMX’s allegations were false and slanderous.

DMX must pay $ 1 million dollars in punitive damages and $518,000 in compensatory damages.

Representatives for DMX were not available as of press time.