DMX Performance Spawns Mini Riot At Concert

A show that was meant to welcome kids back to school spawned a "mini-riot" on Sept. 30 after a performance by rapper DMX.

During the Back To School Jam at The Nassau Coliseum Yonkers rapper experienced audio problems with his microphone as he performed his

best known hits.

However, when the rapper's show was completely cut short, the evening spiraled out of control.

"F**k outta here with that, turn my s**t on," the rapper ordered before launching into "Get At Me Dog" and other well-known hits.

Halfway through his verse on "Touch It," a song by Busta Rhymes, DMX's microphone was cut, prompting him to jump into a pit, presumably after the concert's soundman.

The rapper reemerged on stage with his entourage and posed before the crowd until he exited.

DMX's performance ended a controversial evening

that left many fans disappointed.

An angry concert patrons began throwing water bottles and food at the remaining members of DMX's entourage and they, in turn, threw items

back into the crowd.

"A mini-riot broke out, as you can imagine, when members of DMX's crew began firing items back into the crowd," one concert-goer told "One member [of DMX's entourage] jumped off stage into the crowd."

"He jumped in his booth and proceeded to swing at him several times," another eyewitness told "I could hear the those punches


Police secured the aisles of coliseum aisles after the melee, bringing the concert to a halt, canceling a headlining performance by Dipset's Jim Jones.

The concert started off with a showcase of five independent acts, followed by comedian A.G. White, who warmed up the crowd for rapper Yung Joc.

The platinum artist ran through his hit singles "It's Going Down" and "I Know You See It."

Lloyd Banks took the stage with about 50 people and offered a controversial performance of his own, which seemed to respond to a recent peace offering by rival The Game.

Banks threatened to "put a butterfly blade to (Game's) butterfly tat (tattoo)," and rapped "Game was a G-Unit groupie/ if they made a film

about b***h n****s he'd be in the movie," among other insults.

50 Cent appeared on the stage to support Banks' show, bringing out G-Unit members Mobb Deep and Tony Yayo.

Prior to DMX later in the night, 50's performance was truncated, prompting the rapper to exclaim: "Man I'm never coming back here, every time I come to Nassau,they ask me to leave!"

At press time, representatives for DMX could not be reached for a comment.

The concert, which was heavily promoted during the month of September on Hot 97, advertised appearances by Yung Joc, Foxy Brown, Lloyd Banks, DMX, Jim Jones and Foxy Brown, who was a no-show.