DMX Pleads Guilty To Felony Charges In Arizona

AllHipHop Staff

Multi-platinum rapper DMX entered a guilty plea today (December 30) before a Phoenix judge on four counts of theft, drug, and animal cruelty charges.

Per the plea agreement, DMX (Earl Simmons) will be sentenced on Friday January 30. The agreement will cover one count of possession of narcotic drugs, a misdemeanor county of animal cruelty, possession of marijuana, and one count of theft.

DMX was extradited back to Phoenix 10 days ago after skipping a scheduled court date.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio offered a $5000 award for the rapper’s capture, which lead to an unidentified Georgia women revealing DMX’s location at producer Scott Storch’s Florida mansion.

The animal cruelty charges are the result of a May 9 raid of the rapper’s Arizona home, where police seized 12 dehydrated and underfed pitbulls.

Although 3 pitbulls were found buried around the property, police declared there was no evidence of dogfighting.

The ID theft charges stem from DMX’s April visit to a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital.

Authorities accused the rapper of giving a someone else’s name and social security number to avoid paying a $7,500 medical tab.

At press time, DMX is still scheduled to release a Hip-Hop album (Walk With Me Now) and gospel album (You’ll Fly With Me Later) in January 2009.