DMX Refuses To Record For Def Jam

DMX announced at a press conference that he was refusing to deliver any more recordings to Def Jam, the label he is signed to.DMX that over the years, he has made the label almost $50 million dollars, but received an amount in return that he called "a loan.""The highest paid artist gets paid 18 cents on the dollar, it's straight robbery," DMX said. "They still on your music and they ask for maybe 27 songs each album and they only use about 16 and give the rest away. It's straight robbery man, I can't be a part of it anymore."DMX added that record labels tie artists up in unfair contracts that last too long. He also lashed out at the radio industry."All the radio stations are bought and paid for, it all comes from the heads of the record companies. It's not about talent anymore."DMX is still signed to the label. At press time, Def Jam representatives had no comment.