DMX Returning To The Big Screen With Steven Seagal In New Action Thriller

Shirley Ju

DMX heads back to the big screen in a new movie about one man's quest for justice.

(AllHipHop News) DMX is about to take on one of the biggest acting roles of his career.

The Ruff Ryders rapper will be starring in a new movie titled "Beyond the Law," alongside Johnny Messner and Steven Seagal.

Cinedigm just dropped the official trailer for the action crime thriller, the latest movie by famed horror producer and filmmaker James Cullen Bressack.

The plot of "Beyond the Law" centers around a man’s quest for justice within a corrupt city. When a former detective finds out about the murder of his estranged son, he returns to his roots in the darkened streets he used to run.

With nothing to lose, he takes on a local mob during his mission for revenge.

The movie also stars Zack Ward from "Transformers," Chester Rushing from "Stranger Things," and Bill Cobbs from "Demolition Man," who round out the cast.

This isn’t the first time DMX and Steven Seagal starred alongside each other, revisiting their success in the 2001 action blockbuster "Exit Wounds."

View the trailer here!

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I just hope they don't have Steven doing moves like he 30 again!! He cant move like he used to and putting us through fight scenes where we have to watch his old azz step back, drop kick and sumo someone will just be torture!!!