DMX's Arizona Home Robbed, Placed In Foreclosure

AllHipHop Staff

In addition to his legal woes, embattled rapper DMX has fallen victim to the harshness of the current real estate market His luxurious Arizona home is in shambles and is now facing foreclosure.

The five bedroom house, which lies on a sprawl in the Cave Creek valley outside of Phoenix, is currently on the market for $429,000, nearly $200,000 less than the multi-platinum selling rapper paid for the home in 2003.

Had the home been kept in proper condition, it should be worth nearly $650,000, according to a local real estate agent in charge of selling the home.

The house is being sold on behalf of the bank and according to DMX‘s wife Tashera Simmons, part of the reason for the home’s poor condition is that after the Simmons separated, no one took care of the home.

In addition to the fact that the family ceased paying for the cleaning service that had previously taken care of the home in their absence, the home was further left damaged after a SWAT Team raid in May of last year.

The raid, which resulted in the X’s arrest on drug and animal cruelty charges, left several open access points for thieves to access the home.

Following the SWAT Team’s investigation, the house’s front door was left blown in, as well as several broken windows around the property.

They also left the tile and carpet throughout the house charred.

In the months since, burglars have removed nearly all valuables in the home, including DMX’s ATV recreational vehicles.

To make matters worse, when the bank took over the property, they found anything that the thieves deemed uninteresting simply laying in the pool.

The real estate company selling the house, which was showcased on DMX’s 2006 BET reality show Soul of a Man, hopes to still sell the house, despite it’s current condition.