DMX Says He's Disappointed He Didn't Get To Perform

Fans of DMX were confused when the rapper never

took to the stage, prompting rumors that he was a no show, or that he chose

to stay in Los Angeles to work on his next movie, "Never."

According to a statement, DMX was in the building

by 8:45 PM Tuesday night. The performance started 2 1/2 hours late, with added

guests to the roster of performers.

Building regulations stated that the show had

to conclude at 11:30 PM, or an additional fee would be charged to the promoter

and that the promoter was not willing to pay.

DMX was not compensated for his appearance, according

to sources.

"I am extremely disappointed that I was

not allowed to perform in my hometown," stated DMX. "I have mad love

for my fans and regret that I wasn't allowed to express that."