DMX Seeks Public Apology For St. Kitts Incident

DMX may be heading to court again, but this time

by the other end of the law.

Following his June 28th arrest on obscenity charges

at the St. Kitts Music Festival, the Ruff Ryder has considered taking legal

action against the show's promoters if they decline to publicly apologize for

the melee.

DMX maintains that he had a verbal agreement

with festival officials prior to the start of his performance that there would

indeed be the use of "b*tch," "n*gga" and the ubiquitous

"motherf*cker" throughout his show.

And he's armed with videotaped proof that he

did have permission to spit profanity on stage, as long as the curses were within

the context of a song.

In a transcription of the taped conversation

obtained from MTV, X and his entourage apparently smooth out the last-minute

details of his potty-mouth performance with festival organizers before the show


Initially, it was evident that the St. Kitts

authorities were looking to censor DMX's signature street style. "I can't

do that," X said. Then he added, "OK, let me know now if [the curse words] are good or not, because if there are any problems with me cursing, I

won't perform."

"I don't curse for nothing," he added

during the impromptu meeting. "But in the song, there are curses. So you're

not going to arrest me, right?" The men then finalized the agreement with

a handshake.

DMX's manager wants the St. Kitts Music Festival

organizers to personally apologize to his client as well as publicly admit their

fault to the press.

Profanity has been a big no-no on the Caribbean

concert circuit and an even bigger adjustment for many artists. Ja Rule, Snoop

Dogg, Foxy Brown and Beenie Man were all cited for their on-stage obscenities

at the Reggae Sunfest festival in Jamaica in 2001.