DMX Set To Dis JA-Rule

According to MTV, DMX is set to dis Ja Rule on

a yet-to-be released song called "Ruled Out" where he alleges his

label mate stole his style of rhyming and went on to multi-platinum success

with it.

The often-embattled DMX said that Def Jam executives

and other associates are firmly against the song, but he is still going to record

the song against his former friend.

"They trying to stop me from doing this

song called 'Ruled Out.' Everybody in here don't want me to do it - they whining

- but I'm gonna do it," he said from a Chicago studio where he is recording

material for his new album.

In songs like 2000's "Do You" and "We

Don't Give a F**k" from 1998's Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood,

DMX has allegedly taken several swipes at JA Rule without saying his name. X

suggested that he tried to tell mutual friend, Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti, his

disdain for the JA.

DMX said, "The funny sh*t is that Gotti

did the beat ['We Don't Give a F***'], but I see he didn't get the point. I'm

like, 'Come on [Gotti], what are you doing?' "

DMX and JA Rule have a long-term relationship

that was cemented by Gotti, who signed both as an A&R at Def Jam. With Jay-Z,

the pair was supposed to be in an original Murder Inc album project, but the

project never happened. All three appeared on the front and back cover of XXL

Magazine to promote the ill-fated project.

DMX said that JA Rule has changed his demeanor since becoming a pop/hip-hop


"One thing I can't really f*** with is how

a ni**a change up. If I could stay the same, why can't you? Even if you do change

up, don't change up to your ni**as before all this. We was broke together, man,"

he said.

At one point it was speculated that Gotti originally

wanted DMX to be the lead rapper for Murder Inc, but his affiliation with Ruff

Ryderz prevented that from occurring.

In related news, DMX and journalist Smokey Fontaine

recently finished the rapper's autobiography, "E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography

of DMX."