DMX Slapped With Contempt Of Court Charge


who surrendered to authorities on Monday (Feb. 25th) to

begin serving jail time for a traffic violation and possession

of marijuana, was hit with a new charge when he arrived at

the Erie County Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

A few hours after

arriving, DMX was taken from his jail cell and hustled to

a courtroom, where he was arraigned in a charge of Contempt

Of Court for missing the original date to begin his jail stay.

DMX and his lawyer were surprised by this move and have leveled

charges of selective prosecution at the Erie County D.A.,

Frank Clark.

Clark did agree

that a Contempt Of Court charge from a traffic violation is

not common, but he said that his case was unusual. DMX's bail

in this new charge was set at a high $250,000 to "get

the his attention." Proceedings will begin Wednesday,

March 14th.