DMX Sought In Hit And Run


is being sought after by NYPD for allegedly slamming into a car

full of women, and then swearing that he wouldn't pay for the

damage he had caused. DMX was coming from a party at Float, where

he was celebrating the launch of Missy Elliots new label, Gold

Mind. After leaving the party shortly after midnight, the accident

Accord on 12th Avenue near 56th Street. DMX was in a Ford Expedition,

while the other driver was in a Honda Accord. According to driver

Aisha Smith, DMX got out of the car screaming obscenities, and

that he doesn't have a license The woman tried to get insurance

information from DMX, when he replied "Fuck you, bitch! I'm

not paying for shit!" One of the women wrote down the license

plate number of his vehicle, which came back to DMX. "I have just

lost all respect for him," passenger Shana Webb told The Post

yesterday. According to Motor Vehicles, DMX license is not suspended.

DMX sold close to ten million records in 3 years. On a lighter

note, among the people at the Float party were Bjork, Jay-Z, Nicole

Wray, Timbaland, members of The Outfit and Elektra exec Sylvia