DMX, Swizz Beatz Being Sued By Rapper

Brooklyn based rapper Mr. D. Original is preparing

to file a lawsuit against DMX and Ruff Ryder

producer Swizz Beatz. According to D., the two stole his song "Aint No

Sunshine When She's Gone," a hip-hop version of the Bill Withers classic

song, "Aint No Sunshine." D claims that he wrote the song as a memorial

to his mother. "My mother died in the hospital due to hospital negligence

and everyone including the FDA was involved at the time," D said. "When

my mom passed away, I wrote "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" as

a memorial to her."

D said that he handed Swizz Beatz a 10 song demo

CD entitled "8 Million Stories," two years ago. The demo that he gave

to Swizz featured the song. Six months afterwards, DMX released his single and

video, "Aint No Sunshine," from the 2001 "Exit Wounds" soundtrack.

"The song was real deep with a universal appeal, and I knew that it was

destined to be a hit record.

Millions of people can relate to a family member dying in the hospital,"

D. added.

"When Swizz Beatz stole my song and released

it on the "Exit Wounds" soundtrack, it came out corny, wack, and shallow.

"Ain't No Sunshine" didn't move his career or that "Exit Wounds"

soundtrack forward, If anything, it was the obvious decline of DMX."

Aside from the lawsuit, D. Original is preparing

to release his next project, From The Cradle to the Grave You Know Me as a Hustler

in the Fall 2002, on his label, $Money Entertainment$.

Editors note: While DMX did appear on the

song "Aint No Sunshine," it was produced by Dame Grease, not Swizz