DMX Targeted in New $2 Million Dollar Defamation Lawsuit

DMX's statements

in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine may come back to bite

him. The

Yonkers, N.Y., rapper has been named in $2 million defamation lawsuit filed Thursday

(Oct.12) by Monique Wayne of Prince George's County, Md. The

woman is claiming to be the mother of DMX's two-year-old son Javon Micai Wayne.

In an interview

featured in the October issue of Sister 2 Sister, the rapper accused Wayne

of raping him and stalking him. The interview was conducted around late summer.

"She raped

me," DMX claimed in the magazine. "I mean, you know, that might sound

like some bulls**t. No man has ever been. You know what I mean, like never? Is

that the only thing in the world that's not possible?" According

to the suit, DMX (born Earl Simmons) and Wayne met Aug. 2, 2003, at a nightclub

in Washington, D.C. The pair allegedly left the club later that night to spend

the night at the Helix Hotel. Attorneys

for Wayne said the two had consensual sex. Soon after the incident, Wayne said

she announced her pregnancy to DMX, who allegedly invited her to travel with him

to shows at various locations. Wayne

claims that she and DMX often spoke about parent issues and child rearing techniques

on the telephone. Wayne

later filed a successful lawsuit after Javon was born, to establish paternity

and obtain child support. Wayne's

attorneys charge that DMX made "mischaracterizations" about his interactions

with Wayne, who also alleges that false and defamatory statements were knowingly

made by DMX during the interview, with the intent to harm. As

a result of the comments, lawyers say Wayne was painted in a false light and she

suffered "severe emotional distress, anxiety, humiliation, damage to her

character, distress, mental shock, mental anguish, and psychological trauma, and

was otherwise injured and will remain injured for a considerable length of time,"

the suit stated, adding that the remarks affected Wayne's character, reputation,

and standing in the community. Wayne

is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages,

plus attorney's fees, interest, and costs.