DMX To Retire From Rapping

Rapper DMX recently revealed that his next album

would be his last and final due to what he deems a fake recording industry plagued

with payola.

"The soundtrack ["Cradle To The Grave"]

is the next joint that's coming out," DMX told "I'm

on there, it's some hot joints on there. It's more people but, I can't remember.

My next album is not a game and that's also my last album."

While DMX said that he was retiring from rapping,

he would continue in the music business as the head of his Bloodline Records


"A person can walk up to you and feel like

they know you," DMX continued. "You pretty much bared your soul to

them and for somebody to call it a game it's like you taking away from what

it really is."

DMX said that he is finishing his next album

and is writing almost four to five songs per day.

"Cradle To The Grave" hits theaters

February 28