DMX To Star In New Flick


and movie producer Joel Silver will team up again, to work

on an untitled movie, based on a 1931 German crime thriller.

Joel Silver, who produced the action films "Exit Wounds"

and "Romeo Must Die," has nothing but love for

DMX."I love working with him, He's a real magical guy,"

Joel Silver commented. "He has a great heart and he has

great talent and somebody real special, and I'd like to

work with him as long as I can."

The untitled

film is the first of the multipicture deal that Warner Brothers

signed with DMX earlier this year. The film is slated to

go into production this fall. The original was directed

by Fritz Lang, and centered around a child murderer who

is loose in Berlin. Despite extensive police efforts to

capture the murderer, he eludes police. The crackdown in

the city makes in hard for organized crime figures to operate,

so they too start looking for the child murderer.

The film was

remade once before, in 1951 by director Joseph Losey. In

the new version of the film, it has been confirmed that

DMX will play a crime boss that helps catch the murderer.

No one has been signed to play the murderer, but sources

close to the studio say they are hoping to snag Vin Diesel

(Saving Private Ryan, The Fast And The Furious).