DMX To Star Opposite Of Steven Segal


has signed on to star in Dimension Films' latest installment of

"The Crow" franchise for the Edward R. Pressman Film Corp. The

project will begin shooting at the end of this year. The Crow:

Lazarus will be the fourth in the series of movies. DMX has signed

a multi-picture deal for the series. "We are thrilled that DMX

will be taking on the role of Lazarus," Pressman said. "His presence

on screen is truly magnetic, and he is sure to broaden and deepen

the audience for the franchise." The movie is about a Rap artist

who leaves the music scene for a woman. He is shot and killed

in a drive-by, and comes back from beyond to avenge his murder.

DMX is currently wrapping up Exit Wounds, in which he stars opposite

of Steven Seagal.