Do Or Die's Belo Prepares For 'The Truth,' October Murder Trial

Do or Die member

Belo is preparing The Truth, due out on The Legion Records/Asylum/WMG.The

album could be the final release before a stint in prison as the Chicago-based

rapper, born Darnell Smith, is charged with the first-degree murder for the Nov.

2002 murder of Raynard Pinkston.Belo's

murder case drew national attention, when the rapper's girlfriend Felicia Hamilton,

34, was charged with two felony counts of communication with a witness and obstruction

of justice, for allegedly paying off witnesses in the case.Police

say four witnesses were paid various amounts, ranging from $500 to $1,000 to recant

their previous testimony. Hamilton was arrested after one of the witnesses wore

a wire to a meeting where she allegedly instructed him "not to come to the


to Belo, The Truth, which is the first solo release from any member of

the critically acclaimed group Do or Die, expresses a side that was held back

on previous releases. “I

picked The Truth because a lot of the stuff I wanted to express I couldn’t

express when I was doing albums with Do or Die,” Belo said. “I wanted

to touch on some topics that were real truthful, that were really real, as to

why I call it The Truth. I had never gotten a chance to touch on my personal

spirituality. A lot of people don’t know that side of me because they hear

me rapping laid-back and smooth. I have done a lot on the streets, but they don’t

know the street side and the stuff that I’ve gone through in life.”As

a member of Do or Die, Belo and the group released seven albums and have recorded

with such rap heavyweights as Twista, Kanye West, Scarface, Ja Rule and others.


platinum selling single "Po Pimp" featuring Twista was a hit in 1996.


first single from The Truth is "Exclusive," which features Johnny

P. and production by The Legendary Traxster. “What

makes Belo’s project so provoking is that his style is very unique within

the group and within the industry,” said The Legion Records' owner Rudy Acosta.

“For him to be the first one of the group to come out with a solo album,

it’s exciting to see the direction he’s taking. He’s got that smooth,

pimp feel, but he also takes it to the streets. It’s a great combination.”Belo

has been out on bail for the alleged murder and is due in court on Oct. 3. The

Truth is scheduled to hit stores on Oct. 17.