Doctor Phil and Doctor Oz Analyze Kanye West's Brain

AllHipHop Staff

Doctor Phil and Doctor Oz warn Kanye to chill and get back on the meds.

(AllHipHop News) Two famous Doctors are weighing in on Kanye West's statement that "slavery was a choice for American-Americans."

Both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz took Kanye to task over his controversial comments, which Dr. Phil said is empowering hate groups.

"Either this is attention-getting behavior because he’s got an album coming out or he wants to sell shoes, he’s wanting attention. Or he really has a problem pumping the break here mentally and emotionally,” Dr. Phil said.. “Either way it’s not okay because for whatever reason he does have a big pulpit, he does have a big platform...

"I’ll guarantee you he has empowered white supremacist, he has empowered hate groups with the things he saying here,” Dr. Phil continued.

Dr. Oz also commented on Kanye's recent behavior, from firing his entire management team to offering up support for President Donald Trump and racist views.

Kanye has admitted he was addicted to opioids after he underwent liposuction, and he also said he has reduced the dosages of medication he was prescribed since his mental breakdown in 2016.

According to Dr. Oz, Kanye West is obviously "playing a dangerous game" with his medication.

This is hard stuff to do even if you are a trained psychiatrist and doctor. I think it's impossible to do if you're a patient to medicate yourself to get better, but at the same time adjusting those medications, it's like standing in quicksand.

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I'll analyze it for you. He spoiled. He acting like if Ralph Lauren went to a Live Nation and asked for a Jay Z deal they would give it to him. Then anytime a newspaper said Ralph Lauren the designer is making a rap album well that's the new ninja. As a father Kanye is a child trying to guilt you into giving him something. He's obviously raised by a woman cause this is what kids do to mother's to brow beat them into giving in.



We are going to have to rename our site SHEESH!!!! That Royce and Em is fire tho....all smoke!!!!!!!