Documentary On Pharcyde Member J-Swift's Drug Battle Being Released Digitally

(AllHipHop News) A documentary that chronicles the seven year battle of rapper J. Swift's drug addiction, is being released digitally this December.

The documentary “1 More Hit” will be released in December, to a number of digital distribution outlets and VOD services.

The documentary focuses on J. Swift's battle with crack cocaine, an addiction that help derail his career as a producer for The Pharcyde, in the mid-1990s.

"Everyone's reaction to drugs and alcohol is different," J-Swift told "Drugs are like the ocean. There's a lot of great musicians that got in too deep and a riptide took them away. Music was a life vest for me, my family and God rescued me. My new album [February 2012] is the culmination of everything I went through.”

According to the film's director Shauna Garr, "1 More Hit" originally started off as a pilot for a reality series, but the complicated story ended up taking longer to film and was quickly turned into a critically acclaimed documentary

“I want to get this story out before another young talented musician or artist is doomed to the same destruction,” added director Shauna


Garr stated that "1 More Hit" is far from a sad documentary about a drug addict.

According to Garr, the documentary highlights J-Swift's charismatic personality, as he pursues his family life, raises his children, rebuilds recording career and fights his addiction.

The documentary "1 More Hit" is due to be released digitally on December 5, 2011, to over 16.5 million homes.

Check out the trailer below: