Does Machine Gun Kelly Have A Chance With Nicki Minaj?

MGK shoots his shot at the Queen.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Machine Gun Kelly is hoping Ariana Grande will help him score a date with Nicki Minaj after she lusted over a photo of the singer's fiance Pete Davidson.

Ariana shared a black-and-white picture of the Saturday Night Live comedian on Instagram alongside a meme to indicate how infatuated she is with her future husband, which she simply captioned with a single exclamation mark.

Nicki shared her admiration for the snap by writing, "Omg (oh my god) @ the most perfect man on the planet."

She then indicated she was looking for a man like Pete for herself, quipping, "Wtf (what the f##k), does he have a brother btch ??!"

"No, but I'm the luckiest b##ch in the galexy (sic) I'll tell you that," replied her "Bed and Bang Bang" collaborator Ariana.

While Pete only has a sister, one of his close friends was quick to try his luck with Minaj.

Responding to Nicki's query asking if Pete had a brother, Machine Gun Kelly remarked, "Yeah. Me."

The rapper/actor recently recruited Pete to feature in his music video for the song Loco.

Nicki and Ariana have yet to weigh in on his flirty comment, but Kelly isn't the first MC to shoot his shot with Minaj - Eminem has also made it clear he would love the chance to date his "Roman's Revenge" collaborator.