Dolemite Remake Finally Coming To Big Screen

A remake of Rudy

Ray Moore's 1975 movie Dolemite will finally come to the big screen, almost 30

years after the original movie hit theaters. The

movie centers around a pimp named Dolemite, who is released from prison, after

being framed. He fights an assortment of enemies in the film, along with a group

of kung-fu fighting prostitutes.The

rights to the movie have been secured by Fallout Entertainment, a company that

his produced movies like Posse (which featured Big Daddy Kane), Car

54, Where Are You?, Tapeheads and others. Fallout

Entertainment is in the initial stages of casting for the film and Snoop Dogg

is reportedly in negotiations to have a role in the film, which begins shooting

this fall in Los Angeles and possibly New Orleans.Dolemite's

popularity was increased by rappers like Ice-T, Ol' Dirty Bastard and Snoop Dogg,

who featured Moore in the video for his 1994 hit single "Doggy Dogg World."Moore,

who bills himself as "The Godfather of Rap," also produced classic movies

like The Human Tornado, The Monkey Hu$tle,Petey Wheatstraw and

Disco Godfather, which were frequently independent theatrical releases.Moore,

81, will executive produce the new version of Dolemite and he may even be featured

in the movie. In

June 2006, Moore was hospitalized in Inglewood, CA, due to a serious illness.

He recently

released The Best Of Rudy Ray Moore And Friends, a collection of classic

skits and first-time performances by comedians like Billie McAllister, Lady Reed,

and Jerry Walker.In

2001, Dimension Films announced an updated version of the film starring Queens,

NY rapper LL Cool J as an "entrepreneur" instead of a pimp, but the

movie never saw the light of day.