Dolla's Killer To Claim Self-Defense, Lawyer Says

AllHipHop Staff

The murderer of rapper Dolla has admitted that he shot the gun that killed the artist, but said that the act was done in self-defense, according to his lawyer.

Howard R. Price, lawyer for 23-year-old Aubrey Louis Berry, said that he had a previous altercation with Dolla that lead to a fatal confrontation.

Price alleged, through his lawyer, that he was scared for his life when he killed Dolla and shot at two other people.

Price has since been charged with murder and a pair of assault charges related to the Monday shooting. Additionally, his bail has been raised to $5 million. Berry is slated to enter a plea on Friday, a postponement from Wednesday.

Earlier in the month, Dolla (Roderick Anthony Burton II) and Price had an altercation in an Atlanta nightclub. By pure coincidence, the two crossed paths again in Los Angeles at a P.F. Chang's and the conflict quickly resumed. Price said that Dolla was affiliated with the Crips gang and threatened him in the restaurant bathroom.

Full details of the shooting have yet to be released and a motive has not been announced by the police.

Price was arrested with a loaded 9m handgun on him at Los Angeles International Airport.

Dolla is a rapper that was signed to Akon's Konvict Music label and was working on his debut album.