Domination Speaks On Bang 'Em Smurf, 50 Cent

In recent weeks, gossip

has suggested strongly that Gangsta Flip Records’ CEO Bang’em Smurf,

the former G-Unit member, was assaulted and sodomized while serving out a sentence

in a New York correctional facility.

These rumors didn’t

escape Domination, a fierce adversary of 50 Cent and partner of Bang ‘Em


While Smurf is in jail for

a handgun violation, the Queens native immediately put down the hearsay.

"The whole Smurf situation

is bulls**t," Domination told "He didn’t get

touched in jail. He’s good, he never had anything happen, he’s in

general population and he’s good in there. I see him every weekend, I

speak to him every day, that’s my dude. Nothing happened to him, he never

went to the infirmary."

According to Domination,

the misinformation spread through various G-Unit and Shady Records fan sites.

Smurf either left or was dismissed from G-Unit depending on who is telling the

story. Smurf said that 50 Cent's abandoned his Queen's brethren amid his meteoric


"If you gonna make

something up, at least make sure the s**t is real, man, cause that s**t is second

grade type s**t. You can do better than that, 50. That’s all the promotion

you’re gonna do for your album," Domination said laughing. "All

that s**t about the AP said this and that, they’re lying. They drew up

a whole story about some bulls**t."

Domination also addressed

50 Cent's brewing feud with fellow rapper's Jadakiss and Fat Joe. 50 took issue

with Joe and Jadakiss for appearing on Ja Rule's song, "New York, New York."

"He can’t

go head up with either one of them," Domination said comparing each rapper's

skills. "If either one of them try to get back, all he’s gonna do

is throw his blackballing power around. That’s the name of his game. "What,

you mad just, ‘cause he’s on a song with Ja Rule? C’mon, man.

Somebody tell that n***a to grow up."