Donald Glover Says Record Label Bosses Owe Him $700,000 Donald Glover fighting f

Donald Glover is fighting for his royalties in court.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper and actor Donald Glover has threatened to sue his record label bosses for allegedly taking more than their fair share of his Childish Gambino royalties.

The star, who performs as Gambino, claims Glassnote Entertainment Group executives should not be allowed to grab 50 per cent of his streaming royalties.

The label bosses are standing firm and earlier this year, they filed legal documents asking a judge to make a decision on the matter.

According to new court documents, Glover says he "intends to assert counterclaims" to pick up the $700,000 in streaming royalties he believes hes owed.

"Glassnotes multiple breaches under the License Agreement concern, among other things, the taking of excess distribution fees, underreporting of international revenues, deduction of excess producer royalties, underreporting of merchandise sales, and undocumented manufacturing expense charges," the paperwork reads.