Donald Glover Talks 'Atlanta' Season 2 Being Inspired By 'Tiny Toons'

A trailer for the new season makes its way online.

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta fans have been waiting over a year for the return of the FX comedy. The second season of Donald Glover's award-winning series is set to arrive on March 1.

Donald and his brother Stephen Glover spoke about the next installment of Atlanta episodes at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. Entertainment Weekly captured some quotes from the producing siblings.

“We talked a lot about How I Spent My Summer Vacation, the Tiny Toon, which was a show we all really liked,” said Donald. “That was the inspiration for season 2.”

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation is a movie featuring characters from the 1990s Looney Tunes animated series. The direct-to-video film was a groundbreaking release for cartoons in 1992 and was later presented as separate episodes on television.

“The episodes were broken up in eight or nine episodes, but you watched them all together and they were a movie and they would play them during the summer together or in installments,” stated Stephen. “We took that idea of a whole story, but being told in a bunch of little parts that will be shown that maybe seem like they’re their own thing, but they all are one thing.”

According to Donald, this season of Atlanta can be enjoyed as individual editions or as a collection. Stephen revealed the show is set during the "tense and desperate time" around Christmas which explains the specific title Atlanta Robbin’ Season.

A trailer for Atlanta S2 premiered during last night's Golden Globe Awards. The clip included "Too Fast," a single by R&B trio Sonder.