Double Standard Procedures: Jena, The Matrix & The Exhibitionist

Double Standard ProceduresWithin the Matrix, whom did you deem the greater danger: the agents or the sleeper cells - those who existed in the Matrix without knowledge that the natural world had been destroyed? At first glance, the answer seems obvious, but if you dig deeper beneath the surface, a more disturbing answer awaits.While the intentions of the agents are blatant enough to reveal the nature of their hatred, it is the citizen that walks around oblivious to the laws that govern his/her world that pose the most serious threat. The moment Morpheus or Neo and crew are detected, those individuals become the tools of the true enemy and reveal the system which they’re part of – albeit unbeknownst to them.Aside from showing an appreciation for this cinematic gem, rehashing its storyline helps to illustrate a flawed social construct of our own: race. While governmental agents exist that help maintain this false world of color are easy enough to detect, it is this group of ethnically cleansed nationalities, collectively known as ‘White folks,’ that manifest its hidden dangers.As they walk around benefiting from a system of race that blinds them from its very existence, they become conditioned to false entitlement. Such entitlement affords them the right to pass judgment on, punish, and insult non-Whites. The longer they exist within this system, the longer racism simmers within which may flare up and reveal itself suddenly. Such as in Jena, Louisiana when a Black student sat under a tree reserved for White students. Further still, they may find themselves taking advantage of privileges that pardon and protect them from breaking laws for which a non-White person would be otherwise persecuted and prosecuted.Sound familiar?!! Well, it’s not the Trilogy reference that’s making you nostalgic – we need only look into the realms of Louisiana, the NFL and global stage of terrorism to see what we’ve ALL been trying to wake up from for far too long. Yet if the reality of the pill is too bitter to swallow, who amongst us (Whites and non-Whites included) will choose to reject it? Are you a rebel raging against the machine of injustice or passively plugging the system as you revel in it? “The Exhibitionist”Long gone are the day and timesWhen sports could cross the great divide –When hate crimes were Dateline’s top caption.What once would’ve been front page linesNow takes offstage dives away from the lime…But in the shade we still find the gloss of fascists.So let’s talk to the masses –Let’s glance across looking glasses.Let’s examine the fraud they bask in so casually.Let’s listen to hypocrisy and how they mask it.Let’s look as laws of democracy are expanded…Let’s listen as they inaudibly laugh at it – this mockery of Black casualty:EXHIBIT AWe need no crystal ball to see that the system’s flawed.Check how Michael’s been vic’d and dogged –Evicted, stripped and outlawed for pittin’ dogsAgainst dogs in annihilation combat.Yeah, his morals are missing a clause,But how’s that get him dismissed from his job?!!...Where’s the written law in the business of ball –how’s that violate his contract?Admit it, y’all – Mike committed an inhumane act.But grounds of dismissal should be aimed at the Patriots pack.They played with the Patriot Act actively in tact during football games.Yet though rules are in place to trace it back,No one’s made a play to displace the Pats…No one’s been disgraced for heinous acts or forced to foot halls of shame.Face facts, so what if Bill Belichick’s been hell-a fined!He won’t miss a bill or check – his wealth is fine.He’ll never be vilified despite direct defiance and undeniable evidence.Yet you won’t see him sit on a bench.As the Patriots’ general, he’ll stay clenched in the trench…Besides, Super Bowl XXXVI was fixed –it’s no coincidence the Patriots won after 9/11!EXHIBIT BThose who benefit in thanksFrom the genesis of raceTend to fit in the Jena 6 ‘prank’ behind white picket fences.While those sick of this traitGet sentenced to endlessly wageWinless wars against bigoted crusades with Black picket defenses.It’s senseless how White men happento invoke symbols of terrorBut can’t find Bin Laden resembled in mirrors.As kinfolk, they’re nearer to him than they care to admit.Whether orchestratin’ maimin’ dudes from explosionsOr enforcin’ hatred by hangin’ nooses with wretched motives…By such strange fruits we definitely know them as heretics.Only while lawless Osama takes flight and stays hidden in caves,Diehards hide flawed dogmas behind lawsin plain sight with no visible shame.As bigoted citizens, they parade double standards with leisure.But it’s hard to tell who’s worse in this case –Is it the racists with the biggest brigade…Or folks oblivious to the charade? – those who benefit from such subtle standard procedures.It doesn’t matter if either exhibits traits, anyway.What matters is neither should have a system in placeWhere a civic DA can implicate: ‘With a stroke of my pen,I can make lives disappear.’Whether idle threats or specific claims are made,Whether someone’s life or the livelihood of their prolific trade…To those who discriminate – with a stroke of MY pen,I can change your pride into jeers.Said pride makes it quite clear:The rules we’re tried by don’t apply to White peers.While we get indicted for years, the jurors’ sunny side reveres no laws as they walk.How else could folks officiating try and clearTwo groups for initiating gang fights mirrored…By affiliating who’s right with the brightness of day while the night bears the fault of assault by default.Like exhibitionists who disrobe and cross dress,I’ve got text written to expose such fraudulence.Every dishonest prospect is a project each of us can vindicate.Whether tempting fate with a rogue hypothesisOr situating the last throes of intolerance…We can’t condone doctrines of inconsequencewhen faced with systemic race.© 2007 Reggie Legend Steel Waters, Inc.