Dr. Dre Accused Of Being A Tightwad By Housekeepers Who Claim Abuse

The rap mogul is accused of acting like a tight-wad, rich guy.

(AllHipHop News) Is Dr. Dre acting like a 1 Percenter now that he is worth almost a billion dollars?

The Aftermath/Beats By Dre boss and his wife Nicole are accused of being abusive to their housekeepers according to a new lawsuit.

The housekeepers, Ines Cornejo, and Diana Brenes claim they worked for Dre and his wife for almost 10 years combined.

The complaint claims Dre and Nicole were strict bosses and refused to give the women proper breaks during their shift, allowing them only minutes to eat.

And when they were allowed to eat during their shift, their meal breaks were often cut short by Dre and his wife's requests for them to get back to cooking and cleaning.

Dre and his wife live in a huge $40 million mansion in Los Angeles, which sits on four acres.

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Yet another BS story!!!! You were mistreated & done wrong YET somehow you managed to combine to work for them for 10 year's. GTFOH!!! Between all the mansions in Bel Air, Malibu & Beverly Hill's I'm certain you could've found other clients & Houses to clean. "Get back to cooking & cleaning", Aint that much cooking in the world. LOL