Dr. Dre Has A Lot To Say


Dre has a lot to say about the recent posting of Snoop

Dogg's latest No Limit Album, The Last Meal. Here is what the

multi platinum selling artist told Sonicnet in a recent interview:

"Why don't those

people do what we are doing [and] move on?" Dre said. "You

live your life; let us live our life. I don't f--- with you, you

don't f--- with me, and then everybody can just move on with their

lives, be happy and chill with their families, and go on."

"The way of thinking is so

minimal right there. Like, 'Yo, my record isn't selling, so I'm

gonna try to f--- up what you tryna' do.' It seems really wack

to me. Do your thing, make your records, and I'm more than happy

to go and pick up your record when it comes out, and I'll feel

it when it's hot. But don't try to f--- up what the next guy is

trying to do."

"Usually it takes between

nine and 10 months to produce and make a record that's gonna be

hot enough to present to the people," the rapper/producer

continued. "If I go in there and spend that kind of time

on a record, and then somebody grabs it because of some kind of

animosity or stuff like that and puts it up on the Internet for

people to get free, it's kind of crazy to me. It's like hatin'

to the highest power."