Dr. Dre’s Daughter Releases Controversial Documentary

Manaj, daughter of legendary producer Dr. Dre, has announced the release of a web documentary chronicling her attempts to break in the music industry.

Despite having a Hip-Hop icon as a parent, 23-year-old Manaj claims her father has offered no support for her rap career aspirations in the documentary Daddy's Shadow.

In fact, Manaj emphasizes that Dre has objected to her dream since she signed her first label deal in 2006.

“You don’t want me to rap,” a disappointed Manaj stated on the documentary to her father. “But you’re out here helping everyone else.”

Dr. Dre is currently focusing on having the much-delayed Detox ready for release by the end of this year.

Daddy’s Shadow was directed by Manaj and distributed by her record label TM Media Group, Inc.

The movie also offers behind the scenes information on her family’s life away from the cameras.

The documentary was originally scheduled to come out in 2006, but was delayed when Dr. Dre allegedly stopped speaking to Manaj, due to the film’s content.

Daddy’s Shadow is currently available for a $5.99 download at http://www.tmmediagroup.com/.