Dr. Dre Second Highest Paid Performer

Dr. Dre has

clocked in on Rolling Stone magazine's Top 10 Pay Chart for 2001. Dre, who was

topped only by Irish rock band U2, reportedly received an estimated $35 million

dollars last year when Vivendi boosted their stake in Aftermath Entertainment,

the label he heads. Aftermath is home to such chart topping acts as Eminem and Truth


Despite rumors floating around on the Internet

that Master P is having financial difficulties, Master P charted on Rolling

Stone Magazine's Top 10 Pay Chart. Earning $36 million in 2001, Master P topped

Carlos Santana, 'N Sync, Aerosmith and Sting. Rumors have been floating around

for sometime that the reported $300 million dollar empire P had built was either

a sham, or that he had blown through the money.


Top music earners, 2001

1. U2 – $61.9m

2. Dr Dre – $51.9m

3. The Beatles – $47.9m

4. The Dave Matthews Band – $43.4m

5. Madonna – $40.8m

6. Master P – $36m

7. Carlos Santana – $32.7m

8. 'N Sync – $26.5m

9. Aerosmith – $24.2m

10. Sting – $24m