Dr. Dre Settles With Napster


Dre has reached a settlement with the now shut

down file swapping service, Napster. According to the terms

of the settlement, Napster agrees to identify and block

access to files that Dr, Dre does not want to allow users

to share. On his part, Dr. Dre has agreed to make certain

of his material available from time to time once an acceptable

model is in place that ensures payment to artists and publishers

for the uses of their works. "I work hard making music

-- that's how I earn a living," Dre said. "Now

that Napster's agreed to respect that, I don't have any

beef with them."

A judge ordered

Napster to halt all trading and remain shut down until they

could implement the technology they have to identify songs.

Napsters CEO Hank Barry said "The Judge issued an order

prohibiting Napster from enabling file transfers unless

Napster reaches 100% success. The Court delegated to the

technical expert further examination and testing of the

Napster system."

While Napster fights to stay alive, other file trading services

such as Audiogalaxy and Gnutella continue to thrive and

offer users an alternative to Napster.