Dr. Dre Turns Down Mike


Dre turned down an offer to work with the King Of Pop

according to Sonicnet. After working on mega successful albums

such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and his own Dr. Dre 2001, Dre

said he would rather work with new talent.

Dre told MTV Radio

at the American Music Awards: " Somebody

approached me about working with Michael Jackson, and I did say

no because I like working with new artists or people that I've

worked with in the past," Dre said. "I can develop them

from the ground up. There's no set standard that I have to live

up to or anything like that. All I have to do is go in the studio,

and basically they're going to bust their ass to come in there

and do their thing the way it's supposed to be done."

Dre has been keeping

busy, Executive Producing Xzibit's Restless L.P., mixed Snoops

Tha Last Meal, produced cuts on Eve's new album Scorpion and lent

a hand to Ice T on his new album.