Dr. Pepper Cans 'Mash Up' Ads Featuring Will Smith, Big Gipp

A $5 million dollar ad promoting Dr. Pepper featuring the music of Will Smith, Kiss, EMP and Cyndi Lauper "mashed" together has been canned by the soft drink's owner, Cadbury Schweppes.

Three different commercials were produced, one which briefly includes rapper Big Gipp and one that incorporates Smith's hit single "Miami."

Most of the $5 million being spent on acquiring the rights to the music in the commercials.

A spokesperson for Cadbury said the advertisements were shelved because of a change in marketing strategies.

San Francisco based company Y&R has been hired to develop new spots for Dr. Pepper before Memorial Day (May 29).

Cadbury Schweppes acquired Dr. Pepper in 1995 and the company has worked with Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay, the Black Eyed Peas and other rap groups to help promote the soft drink.