Drag-On Arrested On Assault Charge


was arrested and charged with assault, after he got into a fight

with his Limo driver. He was arraigned and released on bail. He

later told Fox 5 News in New York his side of what happened. Ruff

Ryders rapper Dragon was arrested in New York on Monday night

and charged with assault after he allegedly engaged in a fight

with his limo driver. "My limo driver came and picked me

up, and we was coming up on the airport. We were going to pick

my man up, and he was wild. [The driver] called me racist names,

but I let all that slide though. I got to my crib, and it's like

he was talking crazy." He then told the limo driver to back

up, at which time the driver refused. Dragon then said "All

right, champ, it's on. You're supposed to get out of the car and

take my bag out the car and all that. You didn't take my bag out

the car. Why you out the car? All right now, you must want to

fight then."