Drake Didn't Deliberately 'Steal' Artwork From Dj's Tour Poster

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Reps for Drake are denying he had anything to do with lifting artwork from an electronica artist.

(AllHipHop News) Drake reportedly didn't deliberately copy the cover art for his new single from a DJ's tour poster.

The Canadian hip-hop star released two songs on Friday under the title "Scary Hours."

On Instagram, electronica musician Rabit pointed out similarities between the single cover and the poster for his 2015 Communion tour, designed by artist Collin Fletcher.

Both designs feature vertical Gothic text superimposed on bold text in a less elaborate font.

A music source said the cover art wasn't deliberately copied from the poster, as staff at Drake’s OVO Sound record label picked the design from a selection they were presented with.

"OVO didn't source this artwork, they were presented it - it's common to be presented with a whole pile of work to choose from that is referenced off older art," the insider explained, adding that the practice had not caused problems before.

Pointing out the similarities between the design and his tour poster, Rabit wrote on Instagram:

"Today I wake up to see OVO (Sound, Drake's own label) has redone one of my 2015 tour posters designed by @collindfletcher for Drake's new single. Poor Collin is always having his style stolen."

In a statement to Pitchfork Media, Collin said he hoped the controversy over the similarities between the designs sparked a "larger conversation about popular culture's relationship to underground artists."

Representatives of Rabit's label, Tri Angle Records wrote on Twitter that they hoped the dispute had a positive outcome by bringing Collin's work to the attention of more fans.

"Not gonna get bogged down in 'certain negativity'," they wrote. "Would rather shine a light on how good of a designer Collin Fletcher is."

"Scary Hours" features two tracks, titled "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity."


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